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Dear users, the Mybet7 brand will be closed on 30th of November, please kindly withdraw your funds by that date.

Refund Policy

1. MyBet7 reserves the right to change the maximum allowed sum for each payment system per one transaction at any time and without prior notification.

2. A withdrawal request will not be processed until all wagering requirements have been met.

3. It will not be possible to withdraw funds marked as “Bonus”, as well as funds stuck in an aborted game.

4. MyBet7 has the right to refuse withdrawal if the total bet amount is less than the amount of the last deposit. You have to turn over the initial deposit at least one time before being able to withdraw.

5. All withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours, but there are cases where these timing can be longer, depending on payment channels, additional account checks and public holidays.

6. A user cannot withdraw funds in excess of his/her Account balance.

7. Withdrawals will be made to your bank account or other withdrawal methods available to you in “Cashier”. The withdrawals are processed by the method used by the user to deposit funds into Account balance.

8. When a withdrawal is canceled, the funds are returned back to your Account and you can make use of those funds accordingly on the Account. MyBet7 does not assume any responsibility for any funds lost during gameplay following a withdrawal cancellation either by you or by us.

9. Please be advised that our products are consumed instantly during gameplay. Thus, we cannot provide refunds, returns of monies, or cancellation of the requested service when playing. If you play a Game with real money, the money will be drawn from your Account instantly.

10. You may only withdraw the maximum amount of Euro 10,000 (or the equivalent in your Account currency) in any 24 hour and maximum amount of Euro 50,000 (or the equivalent in your Account currency) in a 30 days period unless a larger amount has been agreed by us.

11. Prior to accepting a withdrawal we may request that you provide legal identification for example certified copies of passports, ID cards or other such documentation as we feel is required in the circumstances. We may also carry out phone verification, face verification or other such verification as is required to ensure that you are who you say you are.

12. You can only have one pending withdrawal (ie. requested but not processed) per payment method at any one time. Furthermore, depending on the method used, you can make two withdrawal requests per 24 hours period.

13. If you win more than Euro 20,000 (or the equivalent in your Account currency), MyBet7 reserves the right to divide the payout into monthly instalments of maximum Euro 20,000 (or the equivalent in your Account currency), until the full amount is paid out. All progressive jackpot wins will be paid in full.

14. The maximum daily winning amount for one Customer cannot exceed Euro 20,000 or the equivalent in your Account’s currency. The “day” means the time between 00:00 GMT and 23:59 GMT.

15. The minimum withdrawal limit is 100 Euro at a time with Bank Transfer. Figures over 100 Euro should be 10 Euro and its multiples. Only one withdrawal request can be processed at a time on MyBet7.

16. If there is no problem with the information in your withdrawal order, all payments will be completed within 24 hours. There may be a delay in withdrawal requests made through the Bank transfer management on weekends and public holidays. MyBet7 is not responsible for ATM failure and delays caused by banks.